Jo Interviewed on Radio SAFM

Jo was recently in studio with Jon Gericke of SAFM Radio. The interview has enjoyed great interest and was streamed Live on the Jo Rust Adventures Facebook Page. It's already had nearly 5000 views. Jo talked about her epic adventure, circumnavigating the African continent on a motorcycle on her own. She also chatted about what she's been up to since....AND, there's an exciting announcement buried in there as well! You can view it by following this ----> LINK.

Motorcycle Tyre Repair Workshop

We will be running a Motorcycle Tyre Repair Workshop on Saturday 28 January 2017, at our Training Facility next to Hennops 4x4 Trail, from 09:00 - 13:00. What you will learn on the day: Tubed type tyre: * How to patch a punctured tube * How to change a tube * How to change a tyre * How to refit your wheel correctly to the motorcycle Tubeless type tyre: * How to plug a tubeless tyre with different types of plugs * How to fit a gator in a rear tyre * How to change a tyre * How to refit the wheel correctly to your motorcycle We will be showing you various techniques and the tools that you'll need to help you when you find yourself in a sticky situation out in the sticks with a flat tyre. The

2017 - Adv Motorcycle Training Courses

Our new training dates for 2017 have been put up on the site, so have a look! Don't hesitate to chat to us so we can help you find the course that best suits your needs. Whether it be an Introduction to Off-Road Training Course, or the Weekend Intermediate Course. Our 1-on-1 Training Courses have been very popular. You can drop us a message on our contact page at any time requesting a 1-on-1 training session and we'll book one whenever it suits you best during the week! All our training courses are hosted by Jo Rust, who is an internationally accredited off-road motorcycle instructor and her business partner Tim Skelton, who is no stranger to the adventure/ enduro motorcycling scene, h

2017 - All New Adventure Tours!

We have a number of new and exciting Motorcycle Adventure Tours coming up in 2017 and cannot wait to share these adventures with you! This year we will be offering tours aimed at and catering for our friends both near and far. We are also running our first ever All-Female Tour in April/May. This tour has already enjoyed a great deal of interest and we only have 8 spaces left on the tour! Then there's the SA Odyssey Tour taking place a little later in the year and this tour is basically exactly the same as the Ladies Tour, but just caters for all riders, both male and female. Both these tours run from Johannesburg to Cape Town over a 15 day period and includes 2 days off-road training f


Responsible Tourism, So many of us rarely consider the effect that our actions might have further down the line. Throw some sweets to kids a

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