How-to guide: Turning at low speeds...

Turning at low speeds is probably one of the main topics that come up in training as something people struggle with when it comes to adventure riding. (Or maybe motorcycle riding in general) When you go around a corner on your motorcycle, there are a number of forces at play. Firstly, we need to understand how a motorcycle turns. When you look at a car or a truck’s wheels, you’ll note that the tyre shape is more ‘square’ as opposed to the rounded shape on that of a motorcycle’s tyres. To turn a car or a truck, you just need to turn its steering wheel and its wheels will turn in the direction you want the vehicle to go. With a motorcycle it works a bit differently. A motorcycle only has t

How to guide: Body position on the bike

“All advice and information given here comes from both my training as an off-road instructor and from years of experience riding adventure motorcycles both as an overland adventure rider and as a professional instructor. I always tell people that I teach what I know works best for me and you can then take what works best for you and discard whatever doesn’t.” - Jo Rust Something that is easily overlooked by numerous riders is being aware of having the correct body position whilst riding an adventure motorcycle. It’s one of the fundamental teachings in adventure off-road riding. First off we have to ask the question: To stand or not to stand? The rule of thumb here is: Sit when possible,

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