Jo Rust Adventures at the 'PanQuake'

Bonafide Moto Co recently hosted a ride to the Spaarwater Pan in Nigel. (Latitude: -26°25'0.01" Longitude: 28°22'59.98"). We met up at at Bonafide Barbers in Parkhurst (which is a super cool place, go check it out if you happen to be in the area) for a coffee at 09:00 and anticipated 'kickstands up' at 10:00 to leave in a group ride to the pan.

We initially thought that we'd be the only people on dual-sport motorcycles for the day, but soon realised that there'd be a whole mix of motorcycles as more and more bikes started pulling in. Triumph Scramblers, Ducati Scramblers, BMW GS bikes, Harley Sportsters, Suzuki DR's and a Monkey Bike! A well marshalled ride through town with a quick hop on and off the highway brought us all to the pan safely. The moment our wheels touched that pan it was like a single thought was shared telepathically throughout the group. That thought being: LET THE FUN BEGIN!

We certainly had a great deal of fun and managed to loosen the reigns on our BMW R1200GS Adventure and BMW R1200GS motorcycles, chasing one another across the pan. Jo was imagining that she was winning the Dakar Rally of course. You could spot bikes EVERYWHERE on the pan (which stretches for about 3,2km). Likeminded riders letting loose and just enjoying the freedom of speeding aimlessly across a pan. It's fantastic and we highly recommend you try it sometime. (Jo Rust Adventures might be hosting a #panquake quite soon so keep a lookout). We even found a few jumps and played around, trying to hit the perfect jump. Skidding, sliding, chasing, jumping - It was awesome!

Jo gave some impromptu lessons to a couple of friends on the pan as well during the day which was a lot of fun. We also had the privilege of meeting a couple of clients who will be joining us for our second Lesotho Adventure Tour in November in the flesh on the pan on their Triumph Scramblers!

Tim has dubbed it the #panquake and that's what we'll be calling it from now on. We sure cannot wait for the next one!

Check out this video by Bonafide Moto Co:

Till next time. Keep on adventuring. The Jo Rust Adventures Team

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