Sena 20S Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset Installation

A quick search on the net will find you countless debates conducted on adventure motorcycling forums on the topic of whether one should use a communication system in your helmet whilst riding, or not. I myself have never used such a system as I was taught that it is not preferable and could even be dangerous as it tends to be distracting. Though as I am conducting more and more rides and adventure motorcycle tours these days, I thought I'd give it a go and see if it works for me. After all - I can't really express an honest opinion on the use of a helmet communication system if I haven't tried it, right? So our partner, Action Gear, was so kind enough as to give us a Sena 20s Dual Unit that we could install and test out for ourselves. Tim (my PR Manager and the other half of Jo Rust Adventures for those of you who might not know him), installed his and tested it out whilst working on two Charley Boorman tours in South America for six weeks recently. When he got back he raved to me about how amazing it is and how well the system works.

I then installed my unit in my helmet and decided to test it out on our recent Lesotho Adventure Recce Tour. (You can see a short teaser video of our Lesotho Adventure Tour HERE).

I'll be honest in saying that it took a bit of getting used to, as I'm pretty used to having only my own voice in my head all the time. So having someone communicating with me whilst riding felt a bit strange at first. Though I got used to it fairly quickly and could see the usefulness of it early on as I was now able to share information instantly, instead of having to make a mental note to remember to tell someone something when we might stop next and then probably forget anyway. We spent four days riding from Johannesburg, through the beautiful Mountain Kingdom of Lesotho and then back to Johannesburg again. We did quite a bit of filming and stopping a lot to take photos and smell the flowers, so it was really useful to be able to say: "Tim, please stop up ahead because I want to get a shot of this view over the valley", or "Tim, I'm hungry", or "Tim, I'm tired". Poor Tim. I bet he rues the day...

I fell in love with my Sena 20S unit, I have to admit. I don't think I was expecting it, but I really do find it extremely useful. And if I find it distracting (especially when getting into more technical stuff) I can just switch it off. No big deal. In short - I love it! ** You can listen to the radio on it and pre-program your favorite radio stations quickly and easily on the Sena app that you can download onto your phone. ** It can multitask! You can have an intercom conversation whilst simultaneously listening to FM ** Radio, music or your GPS. ** Pairing with other devices is super easy and it has voice control. ** You can pair it with your action camera for bluetooth audio recording! ** It has a 2 kilometer intercom range.

** You can pair up to 8 units for group intercom chats.

We decided to record a video whilst I was installing my Sena unit. We had fun, but need a bit of practice. I promise the next one will be better. But you can watch it below anyway. Lastly: Go onto Action Gear's website. They have the coolest outdoor gear and gadgets around. You can shop online and if you use the following coupon code, you'll get a 5% discount: "JoRust5off" The next video we'll be doing will be on 'How to change a tyre on a motorcycle'. Until next time: Have an adventurous rest of the week!

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