December Newsletter 2016

2016 - What a year it has been! It's been a year of big vivacious dreams and daring goals! The best part is...2017 seems like it's going to be even bigger and better and more epic! We can hardly wait. But's what's been happening:

Lesotho Adventure Tours

In November we hosted the first two of many Lesotho Adventure Tours to come. These tours took place over 4 days, starting from Clearwater Motorrad in Johannesburg and ending at Nottingham Road on the Midlands Meander in Kwazulu-Natal. We start off in Johannesburg and make our way down towards the Lesotho border via Clarens, our lunch stop on the first day of the tour. The first night's stay is at the Oxbow Lodge, situated high up in the Maluti Mountain range. (An oxbow is a u-shaped bend in the course of a river)

Day two starts off from Oxbow Lodge and ends at the wonderful Katse Lodge where we spend the evening. The food is really good at the Lodge and the Trout Fingers starter on the menu are highly recommended. The day's route is filled with highlights such as some fantastic easy gravel road riding. A few exciting technical climbs and river crossings. (Easy going) And then of course the magnificent views we have as we ride all along the Katse Dam in the afternoon. Day three is from Katse Lodge to Sani Mountain Lodge (which is one of Jo's favorite places). We arrive at Sani Mountain Lodge just after lunchtime, which allows us to then make use of the rest of the afternoon to kick back and relax, taking in the amazing view of Sani Pass off the deck of the highest pub in Africa. The last day's riding is down the Sani Pass with a quick stop to fill up our hydration packs at the fountain of youth. (Tim is actually 124 years old. We've been filling up here a lot) The last stretch is on a fantastic gravel road to our lunch stop in Nottingham Road. Here we enjoy a last feast together and telling tales of our adventure together before saying our goodbyes till the next time and heading home. We had two lively and adventurous groups for our first tour and truly enjoyed every kilometer ridden together. The two tours were very different as, although these two tours were run only a week apart, the weather conditions for both were of different seasons. The first one sunny and dry, the second overcast and wet. We loved both tours! The people are what make these journeys amazing, and here's some FEEDBACK we've received from these tours.


We've had a number of Introductory Off-Road Training courses during the last quarter of 2016. During the month of December we will be busy at the Jo Rust Off-Road Training Academy, building, braking and moving all the obstacles in place that we need, to enable us to start presenting the weekend intermediate course in the new year. Keep a lookout for announcement on our website and social media pages on a date for the grand opening of the Jo Rust Off-Road Training Academy early in 2017! We'll have loads of fun activities on the day, prizes up for grabs, food stalls and some fun and exciting challenges. For more information on the training courses that we offer, please visit the TRAINING page. Also note: For anyone interested in some off-season 1-on-1 training, you can get in touch via the contact page to book some training over December '16 and January '17.


We are absolutely overjoyed to announce that we have a number of exciting, new adventure tours coming up in 2017! Lesotho Adventure Tour: We have added a day onto our existing Lesotho Adventure Tour and will end our tour at the historic landmark that is Nottingham Road Hotel, where we will stay over on the last day of the tour. We've also added a single supplement option on the tour. Ladies Tour with Jo Rust: The first-ever all-ladies adventure motorcycle tour with Jo Rust! We've hardly announced the tour and already have a number of bookings on this tour for 2017. (27 April - 11 May) This is a 15 day tour that starts in Johannesburg and ends in Cape Town. Lodge/hotel accommodation, dinner and breakfast, motorcycle rental, support truck and medic on tour AND a 2-day training course with Jo all included!

SA Odyssey Tour: The SA Odyssey tour runs along the same route as the ladies tour. Only difference being that guys can also join on this tour. Again, it is a 15 day tour that starts in Johannesburg and ends in Cape Town. (27 May - 10 June) Lodge/hotel accommodation, dinner and breakfast, motorcycle rental, support truck and medic on tour AND a 2-day training course with Jo all included!

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