Testing the new GoGravel Duffel Bag

A few weeks ago the owners at Go Gravel contacted me asking whether I'd like to test out their new Go Gravel Duffel Bag? I love testing out gear so of course the answer was yes! And what better place to test it out than in the Karoo?

For those of you who don't know Go Gravel, they're an adventure biking accessories company based in Gauteng who manufacture and distribute an array of accessories such as bags, headlight protectors, side stand enlargers, radiator guards etc etc etc.

I took 14 people on a 3 day tour down to the SA GS Trophy in Montagu. I thought this the perfect opportunity to do a scouting trip for a Jo Rust Adventure Karoo Tour. So for the first three days we rode as a group from BMW Clearwater Motorrad to Douglas on Day 1. Douglas to Calvinia on Day 2 and finally Calvinia to Montagu on Day 3. After dropping my group off at the GS Trophy registration gate I continued on for another 5 days on my own. I love duffel bags and primarily travel on my bike using a duffel bag, whether we're on tour or on a solo ride like this one. I've used Ortlieb bags all my life and they are the only duffel bags I've ever used! Except for my Marmot duffel bag that I got as a marshal at the 2016 International GS Trophy in Thailand. But it's a bit big and cumbersome to slog around an 80 liter bag. My Ortlieb bags have traveled with me around the African continent and beyond, and have never given me even a single problem in over 6 years of using just two bags. At 40 liters, the Go Gravel Duffel Bag is the perfect size. Though I have to admit that at first glance I was worried about the material's durability. It's thinner than I'm used to, compared to that of and Ortlieb bag. But as they say, the proof is in the pudding.

I used the bag for 8 days of riding on average 500 odd kilometers a day, using it on and off-road. Here's what I like about the bag: * The clips and straps on the bag are all sturdy and durable and feels like they can take a beating. * The valve on the side of the bag that you can use to let all the air out of the bag works like a charm.

* It's easy to carry with its sturdy carry straps and fits perfectly on the back seat for strapping down. It has two straps with loops in them on each side of the bag for making sure it's securely strapped down and won't go anywhere.

* Not a speck of dust ever got into the bag and although I never went through any rain, I tested it in the shower and can confidently say that it is waterproof.

* As for the material - although it felt like it might not be as durable at first, I was proven wrong as there are no signs of scratches, cuts or wearing through after throwing it on the ground and picking it back up numerous times.

* The size is great - not too big, not too small. I could easily go on a two week tour with just this bag. I even carried my laptop in it as well. Here's what I don't like about the bag:

........................... Nothing. Honestly. I tried my best to find fault with this bag but couldn't come up with anything.

I only recommend products that work for me and can happily recommend this product to any and all adventure motorcycle riders. And even for general travel use really. It honestly is my new favorite bag to travel with. And that takes some doing. Thank you to the guys at Go Gravel for the awesome product! You can follow Go Gravel on Facebook or check out their website for more information. Till next time, keep on adventuring and keep a lookout for the announcement on our all new - Grand Karoo Tour! Jo.

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