Henry Oechler
GS Trophy Training Course
Jo Rust training day is one most Fun days I have had in a long time. Jo's team is extremely professional and at same time very fun to be with. I have been riding motorbikes for over 40 years and I feel there is always something to learn, and Jo Rust Adventures is definitely the place to do it. I WILL RECOMMEND IT TO ANYBODY THAT DOESN'T KNOW HOW TO RIDE A MOTORBIKE OR TO ANYONE THAT THINKS THAT KNOWS HOW TO RIDE A MOTORBIKE.
Fanie van den Berg
Introductory off-road training & GS Trophy Training Course
Thanks for a great day of training. Really learned a lot! 
Frans Joubert
1-on-1 Off-Road Training

A day spent well! After I came down quite hard about a year ago on a gravel road, my confidence was shot! Jo's 1-on-1 training gave me back all the lost confidence! I also learned some new skills, and she toned up old skills that we use to forget, or rather we just don't practice!

I can strongly recommend Jo's training to anybody, new or old riders!

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